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How to download movies from links

I can understand that there are a lot of advertisements on so you must be having trouble downloading the movies and other stuffs from this website. Just follow the steps mentioned below to understand how can you download movies from easily.

Step 1.
Click on any download link on our website to download movies for examples go to this link to download Super 8 (2011) dual audio. and click on download link as shown in below image.

Step 1 - how to download movies from

Step 2.
Now you will see adf,ly page, simply wait for 5 seconds and then click on skip ad on the right top corner.

Step2 - How to download movies from

Step 3.
Now you are on website download page. Follow these steps exactly the same way as I am describing here, because there are a lot of advertisement.

On this page you need to click on "FREE DOWNLOAD" as shown in below image.


Step 4:
As soon as you click on "FREE DOWNLOAD" you will see the following page, Enter the Captcha and then click on "DOWNLOAD FILE !"

cramit 2

After clicking on "DOWNLOAD FILE !" this page will show you "GENERATING" message instead of DOWNLOAD FILE ! for few seconds and then it will go to next page.

Step 5.
The next page looks like this. Click on "CLICK TO START DOWNLOAD" to start the downloading.
This will start the downloading. It may ask you to save the file location depending on which browser you are using. Google Chrome is recommanded to use because our site is compatible with IE 9, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. IE 8 does not work well with our website.

Cramit 5

Happy Downloading. For more technical updates you may want to visiti our Technical Website
Post comment on any post to let me know if you still have any problem.
If you are having any issue in downloading Movie from Uploadcore then follow this Tutorial : "Help Download -".

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